Find and fix broken links in hundreds, thousands or even millions of files quickly, easily and automatically! LinkFixer Advanced is the only software tool that uses a patented process to automatically repair broken links in a wide variety of file types. LinkFixer Advanced also provides detailed reporting, including broken link reports, showing links within any files that are not working properly.

Need to do a data migration due to:

  • Server upgrades or consolidations?
  • Migrations to SharePoint or OpenText?
  • Novell to Windows upgrades?
  • Implementing DFS?
  • Implementing a network-attached storage (NAS) device?

Or, do you need to do any:

  • Folder restructuring?
  • Upgrading to Office 2013?
  • Fixing links in files already in SharePoint or OpenText?
  • Changing multiple folder or file names?
  • Remapping file paths into archive folders?

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