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Moving data? You might want to see this.

Whether in a complex migration or a relatively routine hardware upgrade, you need a way to protect yourself from the data loss due to broken file links.

We take the personal stress and time-wasting problems of broken links and pitch them right in the garbage for you. LinkFixer Advanced auto-magically protects, fixes, moves and modifies your links while you focus on important issues.

Doing any of the following?

  • Novell to Windows upgrades?
  • Server upgrades or consolidations?
  • Implementing a network-attached storage device?
  • Migrating to SharePoint or OpenText?
  • Implementing Distributed File System?
  • Migrating to the Cloud?

Or perhaps you just need to:

  • Change multiple folder or file names.
  • Remap file paths into archive folders.
  • Fix links in files already in SharePoint or OpenText.
  • Restructure folders.
  • Upgrade to Office 2013.

Don’t lose your data or sanity.

These migrations are already exhausting enough as it is. They can lead to angry users, crazed bosses, lost data, broken links and working long nights in the office.

Prevent migraines, high blood pressure and unnecessary stress due to broken links with LinkFixer Advanced. (Your boss might still be crazy, but at least maybe you won’t be the target.)

*Just a few things you can avoid using LinkFixer Advanced.

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How LinkFixer Advanced makes your life easier:

Want to get this data party started?

As the name implies, you can use Move/Rename to do just that — move and/or rename thousands of files and folders at a time without breaking a single file link while doing so. Never worry about losing that one file after you’ve renamed it and moved it to a new server — we have you covered.

Move / Rename

Roam Where You Want
Quickly become a data migration boss by moving or renaming batches of parent files and all of their child files. As they are moved or renamed, links are automatically updated — without causing broken links.


Patented Link Protection
Sleep well at night knowing your links are safe. Inoculation creates a secondary association between your parent file and each of its child files. This will ensure that all your file links can be repaired automatically and fast.


Healing For Your Links
With essentially the push of a button, 1000’s of man-hours are saved from the tedious fixing of broken links. Cure can select and fix broken (but inoculated) links by matching them through a patented process, thus saving you precious time.

Preparing for a migration?

Alternatively, if you already have a certain application that you need to use for your data migration, we can still automatically protect and fix all your links, thousands at a time and quite fast. Use LinkFixer Advanced’s two-part process, Inoculate and Cure, to safeguard and fix all of your links at blazing speed. With these two steps, you can rest easy, as you should never lose data due to broken links!

Already made the move and broke that s#*t?

Well good news, Modify Links is here to save the day. Use it to create a series of custom rename rules and start repairing all of your links in batch.

Modify Links

Change is Under Control
Need to change all the links in 500,000 files? No sweat. “Modify Links” gives you the power to define custom rename rules to modify the content of links contained within batches of parent files.

Alert! Do you have files to move? Don’t go without LinkFixer Advanced.

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