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Complimentary e-mail and phone support is included in the first 60 days with the purchase of LinkFixer Advanced.

If you would like to continue technical support for your license, there is an extended one-year software maintenance and support plan available.

The extended maintenance and support plan provides one year of software updates, upgrades and fixes for current licensed versions of LinkFixer Advanced plus one year of technical support.

The software maintenance plan does not provide for new plug-ins of LinkFixer Advanced that may be released in the future. Only licensed users of LinkFixer Advanced Gold and LinkFixer Advanced Silver that have an active software maintenance plan will be entitled to new plug-ins at no additional cost.


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If it has been 60 days or less since the purchase of LinkFixer Advanced, or you have current software maintenance and support plan, then please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Phone Number: 727-442-1822

If it has been more than 60 days and you do not presently have an active software maintenance and support plan, then please contact our sales department for details on how to purchase an extended software maintenance and support plan.

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