Distributed File Systems for The Cloud:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Just like in the 1966 Italian epic Spaghetti Western movie directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood, there is more than one side to any story, especially when you decide to migrate your servers to the Cloud including the use of a DFS. If your organization is in the [...]

Myspace, Data Migrations and the Rise of the Digital Blackhole

An Open Letter to Tom Anderson (co-founder of Myspace) Hey Tom! You were my first internet friend. What happened after you left Myspace? What did they do to your baby? How did we come to the point where the organization you created somehow “lost” 53 million songs recorded by 14 [...]

4 Things to Consider When Planning a Hardware Refresh

“Everyone knows” that you should refresh your hardware on a three-to-five–year basis. However, many are beginning to challenge that commonly held view for a variety of reasons.

To Server Refresh or Not?

3 Reasons Shorter Might be Better. Sometimes shorter just is better. Think of meetings, almost always better when shorter, if you could only keep Richard from opening his pie hole with one more of his redundant “points of discussion”.

The Advantages of Moving to SharePoint Online — and 7 Headaches to be Prepared For

No one really likes moving. It’s one of those times that friends regret owning a truck. However, while the process can be full of headaches, hard decisions and a lot of work, the end result usually is an improved situation.

SharePoint 2016 On-Premises Versus Hosted in the Cloud Which One is Better?

SharePoint environments and their various strengths and weaknesses differ, which can make it tricky to navigate their subtle nuances. Why should this matter to you?

Broken Links Broken Hearts Broken Relationships Between IT and Users

So much of the content we depend on, and can’t afford to lose without scary results, depends on linked data today. Most Excel spreadsheets bring in data via links to other spreadsheets.

On Moving Your Data to the Cloud: “Resistance is Futile” and Unnecessary

Like the gravity of Jupiter, the pressure on corporations to move data and computing resources to the cloud is becoming massive.

IT Professionals: How to Prevent Data Losses and Upset Bosses — Using a Needle

“Oh hell, we’re in trouble. We’ve migrated 2 terabytes of data, and it all worked, except for one thing: Now we have broken links, thousands of them. I have users calling me every 15 minutes and my boss is going nuts!” This statement, or variations of it with more colorful [...]

Out-of-Box Intranet with SharePoint

Setting up an intranet may not be exciting. But saving time using built-in tools to set up an intranet, getting home on time, and actually getting to take that vacation to Lake Tahoe you’ve been planning... that’s pretty good. SharePoint 2016 offers a suite of features that can be used [...]