Latest Release of LinkFixer Advanced™ Streamlines Cloud Data Migrations

Clearwater, Florida, USA — LinkTek Corporation, the world’s leading provider of automatic link-fixing software, announced the release of LinkFixer Advanced version 5.3.

According to LinkTek, LinkFixer Advanced 5.3 focuses on speed of processing and stability.

Version 5.3 overcomes the biggest barrier (reported by LinkTek’s clients) to speedy SharePoint Online migrations — SharePoint-induced throttling due to the heavy traffic load of migrations. Additionally, the way files are scanned in the Cure process has been completely redesigned to maximize efficiency, making the whole process a lot faster. In addition to this, LinkFixer Advanced 5.3 has added native support for Microsoft OneDrive and also incorporates significant processing speed improvements to its patented link “Cure” process.

When asked about the latest version, LinkTek’s Executive Vice President for Operations, Oscar Albornoz, had this to say: “We spent a lot of time listening to users, getting their feedback on every aspect of LinkFixer Advanced. This release is the result of that investigatory process. We are really proud of 5.3 and know IT professionals will be impressed with this upgrade.”

According to LinkTek, there is an increased demand for IT managers to move their file storage to cloud-based or hybrid (cloud and locally synchronized) environments. This move toward cloud storage introduces new opportunities for software applications that help address and handle data migration problems. With LinkFixer Advanced, LinkTek is supporting organizations by helping them to carry out their migrations with minimal surprises and at maximum speed.

Mr. Albornoz further stated, “We have been doing this for over 15 years and been in the trenches with lots of IT pros, making sure it goes smoothly, or helping fix it if it didn’t. LinkFixer Advanced 5.3 is really the culmination of all of that experience and knowing all the little things that can get sticky. We built those into this version.”

About LinkTek

LinkTek’s patented product, LinkFixer Advanced, automatically finds and fixes broken links in an organization’s most critical file types so that migrations and file system reorganizations can be completed quickly, accurately and without causing lost data or lost productivity due to broken file links.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, LinkTek Corporation provides the world’s leading solution for the management and automatic repair of file links found in today’s most common file formats. LinkTek’s purpose is to improve the lives of computer users and IT professionals by providing software that automatically repairs file links and also protects them from the effects of data migrations and user errors. For more information, visit
For a live demonstration or to test-drive a complimentary trial of LinkFixer Advanced, call 727-442-1822 or visit

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