SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA — On Tuesday, 8 October 2002, LinkTek Corporation’s LinkFixerPlus — the first application that fixes broken links automatically on a local copy of a Web site — made its national radio debut on CNET Radio. LinkTek’s Executive Project Manager, Bruce Saliga was interviewed live on the air by CNET Radio personality Desmond Crisis. Mr. Crisis was impressed with LinkFixerPlus’ capabilities and directed the public to visit LinkTek’s Web site to learn more about the product.

“[LinkFixerPlus] is software that will make your life easier,” stated Mr. Crisis in the opening moments of the interview. “It’ll be good to always have a current Web site with no broken links. Check it out at”

The interview aired on CNET Radio and was broadcast via the Internet, XM Radio (nationwide satellite radio) channel 130 and on San Francisco and San Jose, California’s 910 AM radio station.

“I know you dream of a world where all the Web pages work, where you don’t go to broken links,” said Mr. Crisis. “There is a lot of software that attempts to keep your links working…[LinkFixerPlus] looks like it has a plan.”

LinkFixerPlus is the first software application that fixes broken links totally automatically, without requiring the manual editing of links. Using patent-pending technology, LinkFixerPlus helps eliminate the time-consuming and tedious process of manually finding and fixing broken links throughout a local copy of a Web site.

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For more information, call LinkTek at +1-727-442-1822 extension 1537 or e-mail [email protected]

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LinkTek provides software solutions for automating the management and repair of links contained within a wide variety of prevalent file formats. LinkTek’s flagship product LinkFixerPlus breaks new ground and introduces the new software category of “automatic link repair”. Initially catering to Web development professionals, LinkFixerPlus is the first product to automatically fix broken links throughout Web sites.

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