Lost Data, Angry Users &
Your Data Migration

Discover the Hidden Problem Many IT Pros Miss

Migrations to SharePoint, the Cloud, OpenText, new servers or new file structures come with a price: lost data. Don’t pay that price.

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We Handle a Major Cause of Lost Data – Broken File Links

Automatically Fix Links When You Move or Rename Files

LinkFixer Advanced protects all your links before you migrate your data or restructure your file system. Alternatively, if you have already completed such a project, it can fix all your broken links about a bazillion times faster than trying to fix them manually
or using some replace tool.

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No credit card required.

No Matter Where You Migrate, We Protect Your File Links

Whether you are moving to SharePoint, OpenText, Office 365, OneDrive or Dropbox, we are here to make sure your links are protected. But we don’t just stop there. Maybe you’re implementing a distributed file system (DFS), network attached storage (NAS) or a storage area network (SAN). Or perhaps you’re remapping file paths into archives. LinkFixer Advanced can help you prevent downtime due to broken links.

SharePoint OpenText Office 365 OneDrive Dropbox



Office 365



LinkFixer Advanced Supports Most of the World’s Major File Types

Supported File Types

Already Have Broken Links?

Never Fear, LinkFixer Advanced is Here to Save the Day

Already migrated to the Cloud, SharePoint, OpenText or new servers and now you have a hot mess of broken links, upset users or downtime due to it? LinkFixer Advanced can fix your links and have you back in shape faster than anything else ever dreamed up.

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Oops, Your Links are Exposed

Firewalls, Passwords and Permissions But No Link Protection — What?

No IT Pro would ever think of going without virus protection. So, why would you go without link protection? LinkFixer Advanced protects your links against
threats — and it does so automatically.

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You Have Enough on Your Plate Already

At least you can have your links handled for you

Broken links happen when migrating files or restructuring your file system. This can cost thousands of dollars to repair, not even counting the man-hours lost in phone calls from upset users and meetings with angry bosses. LinkFixer Advanced prevents a lot of grief, is easy to use and will save you time and money by protecting your links and files.


LinkFixer Advanced

Protect good links and fix broken links in millions of files, quickly, easily and automatically!

No credit card required.

13,967 Hours

Estimated average number of IT man-hours saved by an average-size customer using LinkFixer Advanced during a
data migration project

How LinkFixer Advanced

Makes Your Life Easier:

1. You can use LinkFixer Advanced to migrate your data.

The LinkFixer Advanced Move/Rename feature does just that — moves and renames thousands of files and folders at a time, without breaking a single file link while doing so.


Migrate Files Without Breaking Links

Quickly become a data migration boss by moving or renaming batches of parent files and all of their child files. As they are moved or renamed, links are automatically updated — without causing broken links.

2. Or use whatever migration tools you like, and let

LinkFixer Advanced handle your links for you.

Alternatively, if you already have a certain application that you need to use for your data migration, we can still automatically protect and fix all your links, thousands at a time and quite fast. LinkFixer Advanced’s two-part process safeguards and fixes all your links at blazing speed (relative to any other option).


(Prepare and Preserve)

Sleep well at night knowing your links are safe. Inoculation creates a secondary association between your parent file and each of its child files. This will ensure that all your file links can be repaired automatically and fast.


Fix Broken Links Automatically!

After you have inoculated and completed your data migration, with the push of a button, you save thousands of man-hours by no longer having the tedious task of fixing broken links. Cure can select and fix broken (but inoculated) links by matching them through a patented process, thus saving you precious time.

3. Already completed a migration or file system

restructuring and have lots of broken links to

contend with?

Well, there is some good news. LinkFixer Advanced has a feature called “Modify Links” that can save the day! Use it to create a series of custom rules (easy) and then let LinkFixer Advanced work its magic, fixing all your links in batch.

Modify Links

Fix Link Disasters

Need to change all the links in 500,000 files? No sweat. “Modify Links” gives you the power to define custom rename rules to modify the content of links contained within batches of parent files.

LinkFixer Advanced

Find and fix broken links in millions of files quickly, easily and automatically!

No credit card required.

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