Fix Broken File Links & Avoid Missing Data with LinkFixer Advanced  Software!

Patented to Safeguard Your Peace of Mind

LinkFixer Advanced is not only the best link mapping tool on the market, in terms of preserving links and automatically fixing links in massive batches of thousands at a time, it’s the only tool on the market. It provides a unique method of determining which files are connected, where these need to exist and when those connections break during a migration or renaming action, and all within an easy-to-use platform.

LinkTek was awarded a patent for our technology that safeguards your links in advance, meaning nothing you migrate, rename, or move will become a broken link — just inoculate and cure! Essentially, LinkFixer Advanced inserts a “locator beacon” for each link. These “locator beacons” are unique to parent and child files allowing all link file paths to be identified and updated after your move. You can also use our product on a periodic basis to ensure that all of your links continue to work. By automating this work, you’ll keep your system running smoothly as you grow, minimizing the time and cost of keeping everything properly linked.


Lost data, lost time, lost money, complaining end-users and frustrated executives are each a frequent result of data migrations or file system changes. These unhappy symptoms have several causes, and we can’t solve them all.

But we can solve one of the most common causes of such messes: broken file links.

Whether you’re migrating to SharePoint, migrating to the cloud, conducting a server migration or just changing some filenames, broken links are practically guaranteed to happen. LinkFixer Advanced can find and fix broken links automatically, in a wide range of file types. Your important business can benefit from this software link repair when you do these or similar types of data migration or file system restructuring.

Link-Fixing Software LinkFixer Advanced Preview

Migrate While Automatically Maintaining Links During the Process

More than just a broken link checker, LinkFixer Advanced can be used to move and/or rename your files and folders without losing any links as it does so. One of the main features we designed into LinkFixer Advanced is the ability to migrate your data and keep the transition smooth and simple. Our Move/Rename function can be used to migrate thousands of files and folders at a time, without breaking a single file link in the process.

Everything is moved in a smart, sophisticated manner that eliminates the worry about losing a file when it’s moved or renamed.

2 Steps to Find and Fix Broken Links

If you already have an application that you will be using to do the actual migration, you can still have LinkFixer Advanced automatically handle all your file links for you. There is no other data migration software application that has the ability to automatically and fully handle your file links. This is the second broad way you could use LinkFixer Advanced.

LinkFixer Advanced eliminates the need for you to go through each file and test each link one-by-one. What’s more, we’ve developed a two-step process that allows you to freely do whatever you like with all your files without any worries about lost data due to broken links.

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1) Inoculate: First, you run the inoculation process. The LinkFixer Advanced inoculation process creates an additional association between the parent file and each of its child files. LinkFixer Advanced uses that secondary association to quickly and automatically fix all the links that get broken by whatever changes someone makes to your files, including during a data migration or file system restructuring.

Once all your data is inoculated, your staff can do all the moving, renaming and restructuring they want on your files and folders with total impunity (at least as far as links are concerned), because once your staff (or that consultant you hired) are all done having their fun, LinkFixer can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

2) Cure: After your migration (or whatever), run the LinkFixer Advanced Cure function. This is the automated process for using the secondary association created by the Inoculate process to automatically fix the mess that was made during the migration. A few mouse clicks fixes the broken links automatically, cutting down on hundreds to thousands of man-hours of work for your team.

Already Have Broken Links?

Has someone already made a bunch of changes to your files causing quite a mess? You may think you are screwed because you didn’t know about LinkFixer Advanced before a recent server migration (or a significant human error). Well, there is still hope, because LinkFixer can even fix link disasters, after the fact.

The third broad way you can use LinkFixer Advanced is to modify links in parent files so that they point where they should, even if you didn’t inoculate in advance. This function, aptly titled “Modify Links”, is the fastest and most complete link modifier in the West (and East, North and South, for that matter). If you already have a bit of a problem on your hands, give us a call and we can help you.

LinkFixer Advanced works on the broadest array of file types. Files that LinkFixer Advanced can safeguard and fix include:



Microsoft Project

Windows Shortcuts

LinkFixer Advanced supports most popular office files such as .doc; .docm; .docx; .dot; .dotm; .dotx; .mpp; .pdf; .one; .vdw; .vdx; .vsd; .vsdx; .vss; .vst; Popular Excel files including .xls; .xlsb; .xlsm; .xlsx; .xlt;.xltm; .xltx; Presentation files such as .pot; .potm; .potx; .pps; .ppsm; .ppsx; .ppt; .pptm; .pptx; .pt6; Database files such as .accdb; .accde; .accdr; .accdt; .ade; .adn; .adp; .mda; .mdb; .mde; .mdn; .mdt; CAD files including .dgn; .dwg; .dxf; Popular web files such as .asp; .aspx; .css; .htm; .html; .js; .shtml; .swf; .mht; .mhtml; .dwt; .p65; .pm;.pm6;.pmd;.pmt; .t65; .ssi; Design template files such as .idml;.indd;.indt; and the Windows shortcut file .lnk;

LinkFixer Advanced Reports

LinkFixer Advanced is a powerful tool for analyzing your websites, work documents, spreadsheets, image files and more. It creates complete reports that highlight errors and problems within a wide range of file types. Our special reporting options help you identify the links that aren’t working properly and see where they should link.

If you’re interested in an evaluation of your files and links, simply build a report so you can review the data in PDF or CSV format:

  • Broken Link Report — Lists all the parent files that contain one or more broken links
  • Regular Report — Lists each parent file, followed by all the child files that parent links to
  • Cross-Reference Report — The opposite of the Regular Report, this report lists each child file, followed by all the parent files that have links pointing to it

You can, for example, generate a report listing all files containing broken links and use automated rules in LinkFixer Advanced to fix them!

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LinkFixer Advanced is such a strong data protection and link preservation tool that we offer a free trial to potential customers. We’re sure you’ll be so satisfied that the purchase will be a no-brainer.

In your free trial, you’ll have support for all the hyperlinks, OLE object links, mail merge links, images and more. Easily move and rename files, check on the success of your server migration and start the process of repairing broken links without any hassles for your staff. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or if you just want to bounce some data migration ideas off of someone.