Repair Broken Hyperlinks in Bulk in Adobe Files

New Adobe Logo WhiteData is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. However, as the generation of data speeds up and new systems for storing it advance, IT professionals face ever-more complex challenges when it’s time to migrate data. And when this movement isn’t performed correctly, end users wind up with the frustration of broken links. It’s important to remember that in today’s fast-paced business world, issues like lost PDFs and Excel links not working are more than an inconvenience: They can be an obstacle to doing business.

For any competitive organization, broken links resulting from data migration without the use of a bulk line checker can mean lost revenue for the company. Think, for example, of the consequences of sales representatives not being able to access prospect information or a senior executive being without crucial files during a large client presentation. And this list doesn’t even touch upon the frustration and costs a creative agency would face if its employees suddenly couldn’t access their primary work. Think of a legal firm not being able to access its Adobe e-sign documents.

There are many reasons for migrating data, whether that’s from one server to another, from your local server to the cloud or from your current filing system to a content management system like SharePoint or OpenText. At the same time, you might be restructuring your current file system by upgrading — for example — from Novell to Windows. In each of these examples, doing so without a batch line checker or hyperlink checker could be disastrous.

Don't let broken links get you down!

Naturally, in the past, when broken links have resulted from data migration, some IT professionals have chosen to view it solely as an end users’ problem — which is not constructive, to say the least. It’s far more practical and business-minded to ensure all links work just as well after the migration as they did before. And now, with the automated link checker from LinkFixer Advanced, you can save yourself hundreds — if not thousands — of labor hours trying to manually fix the problem by using some search and replace script.

Fortunately, with LinkFixer Advanced, there’s a safer, faster way to move and rename your Adobe files — as well as Word, Excel, InDesign, PowerPoint files and much more — in bulk without breaking a single link. Save yourself time, money and data loss. Read on to see how LinkFixer Advanced — with Move and Rename, Inoculate and Cure and Modify Links features — can bring you peace of mind before, during and after even the largest data migrations.

Prevent or Repair Broken Adobe Links During File Migration

If you’re a systems administrator, you know the pain of broken links caused by changing a naming convention, restructuring a file system, or conducting a data migration. Not to worry! Whether you’re working with a few hundred files or a few million links, LinkFixer Advanced will make it all a little more bearable and save you a ton of time. With LinkFixer Advanced, files (such as Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and many others) can be easily moved or renamed in batches while saving the links between them so that no data loss happens in the process. Plus, LinkFixer Advanced prevents the integrity of your data from being compromised.

Server Room with Cloud Representing Migrations to the CloudLinkFixer Advanced comes packed with the tools you’ll need to fix Adobe links and files or prepare link migrations before any movement, whether on your PC or in a large federated network. The great news is that LinkFixer Advanced also handles a wide variety of other file types as well, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Visio, AutoCAD and many others.

Avoid broken Adobe links during migrations of any size by using our Move and Rename function. This tool will keep parent and child files together, even when you’re changing the naming and organizational structure. Links are automatically updated, so moved Adobe files don’t mean broken links and LinkFixer Advanced does this in batch, making the process fast and smooth.

Move and/or rename thousands of files and folders at a time without breaking a single file link.

You can also just grab the Modify Link tool to change links in all of your files — even if you have millions. Use custom rename definitions to modify content in just seconds.

If you’ve ever completed a data migration previously, you know from experience that there’s plenty of hardware representatives and others who won’t tell you about broken links until it’s too late. But once you use LinkFixer Advanced, you’ll never complete another data migration without it again.

Safeguard Your Creative Cloud: Automatically Fix Broken Adobe Links After Your Server Migration

That means you’re getting the security you need to protect your Adobe work when using the tool.

Adobe Creative Cloud specifically uses links for all of its documents. For example, all fonts, pictures and other objects are laid out in InDesign by linking them to their source files. Without a strong Adobe broken link checker, you could be looking at thousands of hours where you’ll manually need to verify each and every link in the event that your files are moved or renamed. (You could also be looking at a very upset design team in need of those files to complete their work.)

It’s a major productivity loss if you cannot automate the process to correct broken Adobe links after a data migration. Fortunately, LinkFixer Advanced can do this for Adobe files.

Never again suffer from Adobe links not working after migration, even if you’re moving and renaming files in very large batches. Adobe files can be moved and broken links and migration issues can all be solved with this set of support options.

LinkFixer Advanced offers a two-step approach to protecting your Adobe files and links. Before your data migration can break Adobe links, we Inoculate each file to create a secondary association between parent and child files — in this case, that’s all of the page elements, fonts and more that Adobe treats as a link. Inoculation creates an unbreakable bond that ensures our Adobe broken link checker can fix any issue automatically.

The Cure happens when we review elements to find any Adobe links that aren’t working after migration. It’s an automated checking process that saves you countless hours of tedious work. The Cure selects and fixes broken (but inoculated) links by matching them through a patented process. Server migration and broken Adobe links no longer go hand-in-hand.

If you’re using another program to migrate your data, the Inoculate and Cure operations can often still be used to backup and then fix all of your links — which means you won’t lose Adobe data after the migration. Fixing broken Adobe links has never been easier.

Already Faced With Broken Links? LinkFixer Advanced Can Help

If you’re reading this faced with hundreds or thousands of broken links due to an already completed data migration, don’t lose hope — LinkFixer Advanced can still help! With its Modify Links feature, LinkFixer Advanced acts like a link disaster recovery system that goes in and fixes broken links faster than any system on the market today. The bottom line is that it’s never too late to benefit from LinkFixer Advanced.

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