Windows® Shortcuts Failures Can Mean Unhappy Users and More Work for You

How to Avoid Losing Time Due to Broken Shortcut Links

Restructuring your files, migrating data and new server deployments have to get done. These actions are likely to cause you and your users thousands of lost man-hours trying to find broken links in your files, including Shortcuts links. LinkFixer Advanced prevents these issues. Already have lots of broken links? Let LinkFixer Advanced fix that for you, too.

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Don’t Lose Shortcut Links When Migrating

LinkFixer Advanced can move or rename your files and folders without messing up any of your links in the process. This means, for example, you could use it to migrate tons of files without breaking a single Windows shortcut.

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Keep Your Working Links Safe

LinkFixer Advanced will create an additional association between the parent file and each of its child files. Then, with a few mouse clicks, it will fix the broken links automatically. Voilà!

Shortcut Links Already Broken?

Don’t worry, it’s not too late. If you just found out about LinkFixer Advanced and already have broken links, it’s okay. LinkFixer Advanced has a powerful feature called “Modify Links” that can fix these about 18 times faster than the “fastest” replace tool in existence.

Too Many File Types to Mention

No matter what types of files you need fixed, chances are LinkFixer Advanced can handle it! It supports most file types, such as Microsoft Office files, Database files, CAD files, Shortcut files, and many more.







LinkFixer Advanced saves you from lost data, endless overtime hours and embarrassment, not only on Windows Shortcuts but on the vast majority of the world’s other file types, too. For more information on other supported file formats, call us today at (727) 442-1822.

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